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We are a full service veterinary hospital that can meet your needs.
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An ounce of
care is worth
A pound of cure. Providing your pet with inexpensive, basic care can save you a lot of money in the long run.
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Get a healthy
for your pet!
New puppy or kitten? Many pet owners aren't aware the risks puppies and kittens face during the most vulnerable time of their lives.
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Welcome to our clinic!

Dr. Nancy M. Gerhardt

For 25 years, Dr. Nancy M. Gerhardt has led Kindness Animal Clinic on a mission to provide affordable animal health care that allows our best friends and companions to lead a healthy and happy life, and to minimize pain and suffering when the need arises.

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Mon 8am 6pm
Tues 8am 6pm
Wed* 8am 6pm
Thur 8am 6pm
Fri 8am 6pm
Sat 8am 12pm

* Weekly staff meeting every Wednesday 1pm - 2:15 pm -- CLOSED

"A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." -- Anonymous


Love Love Love! I've have had great experiences with Kindness Clinic. The vet

tech Cathy is so kind & helpful each time I bring my cats. I first went to them in an emergency when my cat couldn't urinate. A Sarasota vet clinic wanted to do emergency surgery for $2000 or put him down for $250. "I should be humane..not allow him to suffer." I scooped my cat up..I did not want to put him down, but I couldn't afford surgery (or even $250 for that matter).. called the Kindness Clinic ..they waited past 6 pm for me..While the vet put a catheter in (no surgery!), Cathy relieved my fears of having to possibly put him and explained his condition to me. Thankfully, their help and rx food saved his life! He's now back to getting into trouble, jumping into cabinets and such :)

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